Registration 2013

Early Registration for the 2013 Table Mountain Star Party will open in April or May 2013. The exact date will be posted here and on the Home Page once the opening date is determined later in 2012.

Early Registration will last approximately one month with the discounted rates listed below (subject to revision in 2013) and increase $10 per person when Regular Registration begins.

Please read the following information

2013 Early Registration Attendee Fees:
  • $60 - First Person

  • $40 - Additional Adult(s)

  • $15 - Students (age 7 - 17)

  • Free - Children (age 6 and under)

These fees are subject to revision in 2013

  • Non-Sufficient Funds / Returned Checks: There will be a $35 handling fee for returned checks.

  • There will be a $10 processing fee for cancellation and refund of your registration. No refunds will be issued after the refund cutoff date noted on your registration.

  • Registrations are based on a "Per Vehicle" structure.  Each vehicle will need its own registration; the "First Person" registration covers one vehicle that is parked on-site.  Vehicles without a registration will need to be parked off-site. The "Per Vehicle" fee has been implemented due to the request of the US Forest Service to reduce the number of large vehicles on site.  It is the increased weight and number of axles that is of greatest concern.  Please do your part and carpool when ever possible.

  • Attendees listed on registration forms are not limited to immediate family members.  We encourage carpooling to the event to help reduce the number of vehicles on-site.

  • Large vehicle space: We will post to the TMSP Weblog, if possible, when the availability of space for large vehicles becomes limited. When space for a large vehicle size has been filled, we will no longer accept registrations for that size of vehicle.

Some fine print on Registration Policies:

The terms of our Forest Service permit limits the number of attendees to 700 individual attendees.  We are also limited on the space available for parking vehicles.  Please help us reduce the number of vehicles on-site by arranging to car pool with friends and/or family.

If you come early and are on the site before the Registration Tent opens, you will be required to check in on Wednesday and may have to move into an approved campsite.  If you have not pre-registered you may be required to leave the site.  Please contact the Parking Staff or a Director before setting up a camp. There are some areas that are off limits for camping and parking based on the USFS rules.

There are no in-and-out privileges for vehicles parked around the main telescope field. If you park in this area, your vehicle stays there until you vacate your campsite. If you need to make trips off-site, please plan on parking or camping elsewhere. If you are unsure of your needs, please inquire when you arrive with one of the Parking Staff or a Director - we will make every reasonable effort to accomodate your needs.

Vehicles are prohibited from driving accross the main telescope field. If you need to drop off equipment for setting up on the main telescope field, please coordinate how to accomplish this with one of the Parking Staff or a Director.

Groups wishing to camp together should arrive together.  We can not guarantee that parking or camping space will be available for groups that do not arrive together.  Parking is arranged on a "first come, first served"  format. Holding of camping or parking spaces will not be allowed. 

Before your Registration can be accepted as valid, you must sign the appropriate waivers on the printed Registration Form, or agree to the Rules and Conditions if you are using online PayPal payment. You cannot be admitted to the Table Mountain Star Party without a valid registration.  All adults arriving MUST SIGN the printed Registration Form whether they are the primary registrant or not.  Parents or guardians must sign the waiver section of the Registration Form for students under 18 years of age.

Travel directions can be found here.