Countdown Underway – Last-Minute Updates for TMSP 2017

We’re less than a week away from TMSP 2017 at Eden Valley and there are a few items worthy of mentioning before all the TMSPA Directors head to the site.

On-Site Registration: Yep, we’ve got room for you! If you waited too long to pre-register or wanted to wait for the weather forecasts to be favorable, you can come join us. Big rigs and RV’s arriving later in the week are going to be getting the best of whatever spots are available so bring extra blocking to level your rig. Car/tent campers will have a decent selection of sites.

Arrival Times: Please plan your travel to arrive between 9am and 8pm. We can be kinda grumpy outside those hours if you try pulling in… just sayin’.

Travel Routes: Construction is underway on both I-90 and Hwy 2 and could cause delays. The delays on Hwy 2 may be worse as they are repaving sections of the road in the Startup-Goldbar area. The I-90 construction will have lane closures in the usual area around Lake Keechelus. You can find info about the construction on the WSDOT website.

Weather: Well, this is Washington after all!! Forecasts a week out are equal parts educated guesses and reading tea leaves… That said, the current long-range forecasts are calling for good conditions with highs in the 80’s and lows hovering around 50. Eden Valley is usually about 7-10 degrees cooler than Oroville, which is where most weather services reference for the area.

Connectivity: For those of you who just can’t be unplugged from the rest of the world, we are planning on offering WiFi service again this year. Check at the Registration Booth for info and to purchase your daily device access code. (Restrictions will apply to bandwidth usage and abuse of service will result in your being locked out. So no streaming Netflix or Hulu!!)

See you at Eden Valley!

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