2017 Practical Astronomy Presentations

We’re excited that we have a Sneak Peek of some of the topics that will be presented as part of our Practical Astronomy Presentations series in 2017. This program has grown out of involvement of some of our long-time attendees in putting together presentations covering a variety of topics on some of the practicalities of being an amateur astronomer. Previous presentations included collimating your telescope, developing your sketching skills at the eyepiece, and practical star-hopping methods.

Topics on the schedule for TMSP 2017 include:

  • The 2017 Solar Eclipse by Cliff Mygatt
  • Drawing Nebulae by Mark Simonson
  • Cleaning Optics by Cliff Mygatt
  • Urban Observing by Bob Scott
  • Observing programs of the Astronomical League by Mark Simonson

We’ll post more information on the presentation as we close in on the 2017 event, so make sure to check the TMSPA website for updates.

-The TMSPA Staff

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