Cabin Availability, Special Telescope Building Program Project

All the Eden Valley Guest Ranch Cabins have been booked for TMSP 2017. We will take requests to be wait-listed in the event of cancellations.

We also have an announcement for a Special Project for the Telescope Building Program this year: build your own solar projection adapter for your telescope to safely observe the sun, in […]

Well, that was embarrassing!

The link button to the Online Registration page is working. Like it should have.

I swear, it was the same button, the same link, the same code, that I’ve used for several years to link over to the Online Registration site. And for reasons only known to the gremlins that scramble up the Internet electrons, it […]

Registration for TMSP 2017 has begun!

Registration for the 2017 Table Mountain Star Party at Eden Valley Ranch is now open!

Reminder: the dates are July 18th to July 23rd

Everything you need to know for registration, including the availability of Guest Cabins, meal menus and Speaker Programs and Presentations is on the TMSPA website. In the next few days, we’ll also be […]