All registrations must include payment for vehicle (if applicable) and attendees.

Registration Receipts
A receipt will be emailed to the email address you provided on your registration form.  It will contain a PDF document of your statement, listing the number of attendees you registered and all items you purchased.  Please look it over to be sure it is accurate.  If you believe there is an error, please contact the Registrar at   If you have not receive a receipt within two weeks of submitting your registration, please contact the same address.

  1. Registrations for 2011 are based on a "Per Vehicle" structure.  Each vehicle will need its own registration.  Vehicles without registration will need to be parked off-site. The "Per Vehicle" fee has been implemented due to the request of the US Forest Service to reduce the number of large vehicles on site.  It is the increased weight and number of axles that is of greatest concern.  Please do your part and carpool when ever possible.

  2. Attendees listed on registration forms are not limited to immediate family members.  We encourage carpooling to the event to help reduce the number of vehicles on-site.

  3. Large vehicle space:

    • We will post to this website when the availability of space for large vehicles becomes limited. When space for a large vehicle size has been filled, we will post to this site and no longer accept registrations for that size of vehicle.

    • If you do not indicate the size of your vehicle on your printed registration form, it will not be accepted. If you arrive without providing this information there may not be space available for you on site.

    • If you have a change in your vehicle size or type after you mail your registration you must contact the registrar prior to arriving to verify space availability.
  1. Registration availability will be based upon the postmark on your envelope or when your online payment is posted, so please - register early.

    • Registration forms are no longer sent to mailing lists via snail mail. Registration is available only through this website.

    • You are encouraged to pre-register as On-Site Registration may not be available.

    • We will notify you via this web site and will contact you ONLY if oversized spaces are running low!

    • Please read all of this registration web page information and the registration form, as well as any updates in the coming months! 


It is important that you monitor this site and make yourself aware of all changes in registration policy.   If you have attended the TMSP for the past few years, you are aware of the growth and the popularity of our event and the limited space for vehicle parking.

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