The City Dark

THE CITY DARK is a feature documentary about light pollution and the disappearing night sky, premiering in competition at the 2011 South by Southwest Film Festival. After moving to New York City from rural Maine, filmmaker Ian Cheney asks a simple question, “Do we need the stars?” Exploring the threat of killer asteroids in Hawaii, tracking hatching turtles along the Florida coast, and rescuing injured birds on Chicago streets, Cheney unravels the myriad implications of a globe glittering with lights – including increased breast cancer rates from exposure to light at night, and a generation of kids without a glimpse of the universe above. Featuring stunning astrophotography and a cast of eclectic scientists, philosophers, historians and lighting designers, THE CITY DARK is the definitive story of light pollution and the disappearing stars.

The film includes interviews and commentary from:

  • Neil deGrasse Tyson – Astrophysicist, Hayden Planetarium
  • Don Pettit – Astronaut, NASA
  • Ann Druyan – Co-writer, Cosmos
  • Jack Newton – Astrophotographer
  • Chris Impey – Cosmologist, University of Arizona
  • Jeffrey Kuhn – Astronomer, University of Hawai’i
  • Roger Ekirch – Historian, Virginia Tech
  • Jane Brox – Author, Brilliant
  • Bill Sharpe – Historian, Barnard College
  • Susan Elbin – Ornithologist
  • Dr. Steven Lockley – Professor, Harvard University
  • Dr. Richard Stevens – Epidemiologist, University of CT
  • Dr. George Brainard – Neurologist, University of Pennsylvania
  • Dr. David Blask – Cellular Biologist, Tulane University
  • Jon Shane – Criminologist
  • Herve Descottes – Lighting Designer
  • TMSPA will be screening The City Dark on Friday evening at 8pm in the Speakers Tent. Please check at the Info Booth for any schedule changes.

    More information on the film can be found at The City Dark website.