Guest Speakers

2010 Schedule


8:00 PM Stellar Eveolution
Speakers Tent Presented by Linda Khandro



3:00 PM International Dark Skies Northwest
Speakers Tent Presented by David Ingram


7:00 PM Electronics for the Home-Built Observatory
Speakers Tent Presented by Tom Gwilym


8:00 PM Imaging Exoplanets and the Circumstellar Disks They Form From
Speakers Tent Presented by John Wisniewski




8:00 PM Patented Telescope Design to Accommodate Those in Wheelchairs
Speakers Tent

Presented by David Campbell



9:00 PM Watching Stars Dance
Speakers Tent Presented by Alan Bedard


Speaker announcements and schedule will be posted as they are confirmed. Check back to keep up to date. Some programs may change days and/or times. This page will be kept as current as possible. Schedule will be posted on-site at TMSP and in the Event Newsletter.

Each year TMSP has had a great lineup of speakers with a wide array of topics For a sampling of the past fare, see the list of last years speakers as well a prior years listings in the Histories Sections (History section under construction - coming soon. -Ed.)

Again, bring your own chairs if you want to be assured of a place to sit.

TMSP is always accepting papers and programs for presentation on the mountain. If you are interested in providing a talk contact the Speaker Chairman.

David Levy talks to full house in 2006
David Levy addresses the crowd

Two great teachers, Stephen O'Meara (left) and Joe Rottmann in 2005
Steven James O'Meara & Joe Rottman