2015 Guest Speakers

Bob Abel

The Large Synoptic Survey Telescope (LSST)

The LSST, beginning operation in 2020, is the most ambitious all sky survey ever attempted. Tens of billions of galaxies, billions of stars and millions of solar system objects will be imaged hundreds of times over a period of ten years in six different filters. It will revolutionize our understanding of the solar system, our galaxy and the cosmos.

Finding Exoplanets

Thousands of planets have now been found orbiting other stars in the past 20 years. This talk explores the methods used to find exoplanets and what we’ve discovered to date.

Jeff Kissel

The Hanford Laser Interferometer Gravity-wave Observatory (LIGO)

The LIGO Observatories have undergone a massive upgrade, hoping to improve their sensitivity to our flagship source of gravitational waves -- colliding binary neutron stars -- by a factor of 10. Having not detected *any* gravitational waves to-date, this improvement is exciting because it will bring the detectors into a sensitivity region that includes enough of these sources that we expect to see their signature several times per year. In this talk, I'll describe the detectors, their long and arduous reconstruction, and highlight the latest breakthroughs in sensitivity of the detectors, both of which are now online.

Michael Allen

M82 - 200 years of observations

Guy Worthey

Will you get hit on the head by a meteor?


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David Levy talks to full house in 2006
David Levy addresses the crowd

Two great teachers, Stephen O'Meara (left) and Joe Rottmann in 2005
Steven James O'Meara & Joe Rottman